RYLA CFC - August 2017

Rotary and Rotaract club Nis-Konstantin Veliki had the opportunity to organize RYLA CFC camp in August 2017. The three-day seminar was held in Nis during one of the biggest jazz festivals in Nisville, and there were participants from Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece. Our goal was to organize interesting lectures and workshops on the topic of leadership. Thanks to the inspiring lecturers who helped us in this, Darko Cvetkovic, Nikola Bozic and Stratos Vlasakidis. In addition to the lectures, we organized an all-day workshop with the theme "public narrative", which represents the important skill of each leader. Members of the organization Serbia in the Movement have brought us closer to the topic in a great way. Through an interactive workshop, we practiced a public narrative and got to know each other well. Nisville Jazz Festival and Status Winery were sponsors of good socializing.

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