''SCHOOL BY PUPILS'' - February 2018

Rotaract Club Nis-Constantine the Great, in cooperation with NLP Energy House, collected funds for the reconstruction and renovation of the ceremonial sale of the Ćele Kula primary school from Nis. The idea came in a conversation with Dark Cvetkovic, a NLP trainer from Nis. A collection of funds for the action within the seminar "Wake up" held at the New City Hotel in Nis was organized. All the proceeds from the lectures, for which it was necessary to find another chair, given that the hall for the presentation of the hotel was full, is intended for realization of this action. The lecture was held by Darko Cvetkovic and Lava Nikolic in front of the NLP Energy House. The Rotaract Club Niš Konstntin Veliki participated in the organization of the seminar and the sale of tickets. Synergetic effect has achieved great success and enough funds have been collected for the realization of the idea. The donation amount is 115,000 dinars. The room that was almost unusable before the intervention and held under the key from the little ones was completely restored. The necessary construction works were done, it was decorated and festive curtains on the stage were provided. As a completion of the project, it was organized school pupils with the magician and members of the club in the new festive hall. We hope that the kids will enjoy the new space and fill it with laughter, joy and play, accompanied by the applause of parents and teachers who will proudly observe the events organized on this stage. As a club we are going further and we are looking for new projects that will help the local community and new groups of people to be happy. This activity is supported by 100 for 100 projects. Rotary District 2483 https://goo.gl/WpGzKp

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